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Bio - Stanley T. Kastanas
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Stanley T. Kastanas, ChE, PPE, CSL, RTL

Biographical Synopsis

Stanley Kastanas is the Director of the Office of Substance Abuse Policy, Investigations and Compliance for the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) - Pipeline Safety (OPS). He provides substance abuse/misuse abatement policy, guidance, training, auditing, inspection, and program data analysis services, as well as, leadership and training to federal and state governmental regulators and pipeline operators and contractors. He has jurisdictional oversight of all federal interstate and, with Sate Partners, intrastate pipeline operators and contractors who perform the covered function on hazardous gas or liquid pipelines and plant facilities. He is responsible for initiating the reintroduction of the MIS drug and alcohol data collection mandate for pipeline contractors – which has the largest covered employee sector in the pipeline industry. He is also responsible for conceptualizing, designing and implementing the programing requirements for electronic collection of drug and alcohol testing data from pipeline operators and contractors via the DOT/ODAPC and DOT/OST/Volpe DAMIS database, and its program management staff.

Prior to assuming the responsibilities for DOT/PHMSA/OPS national substance abatement program, he successfully served as PHMSA/OPS’ Enforcement Director and Chief, earning GAO recognition for developing and implementing a new Enforcement Program Performance Plan. As a veteran of 32 years in the pipeline industry, Stanley has held project and management positions in engineering, design, construction, maintenance, operations, and emergency response, as well as, corporate management positions as Director of Engineering Services and Compliance Officer. Along with his pipeline experience, he has worked extensively with Human Resources, Safety, and Environmental entities to develop and implement Part 199 and Part 40 drug and alcohol testing and monitoring mandates.

Stanley holds academic degrees in Chemical and Cellulose Engineering from LTI/UMass, with specialties in cryogenic plant design and hazardous fluid pipeline systems. He is registered and professionally licensed in Massachusetts for construction and refrigeration. Through the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and DOT/ODAPC, he has received federal audit and compliance training in Title 49 CFR Part 40, with an overview of Title 14 CFR Part 121. Some other highlighted certifications, include: Industry Regulatory Compliance qualifications from Transportation Safety Institute (TSI) in Oklahoma; Distribution/Transmission/Plant operations and incident investigation qualifications from the Illinois’ Institute of Gas Technology (IGT); and, business and liability accreditations from Boston University’s (BU) executive industry programs.

Contact Information:
Stanley T. Kastanas, Director
Office of Substance Abuse Policy, Investigations and Compliance
Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) - Pipeline Safety (OPS)
Washington, DC 20590
Contact Telephone Number: 202-550-0629
E-mail Address: Stanley.Kastanas @DOT.GOV